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Play Crazy Eights online for free

Classic Childhood Card Game Now Online

Crazy Eights online is one of the best card games available. Playing Crazy Eights online is just like playing in real life. The game consists of several rounds. Once all players are seated, the game begins. A round is finished when one player has played each of their cards. The object of Crazy Eights is to follow the direction of the cards. When it is your turn, you must either play a card, draw a card, or carry out any necessary action based on the card that is played.

Playing Crazy Eights Online

Crazy Eights card game

In order to play Crazy Eights online, you must first choose a game table to sit at. Once everyone has taken their seats, the game will begin. In order to play a card, you must click on the card that you wish to play. If you do not have a playable card, you must click on the center stack to draw a card. The timer indicates the amount of time you have to play. This also indicates whose turn it is.

Crazy Eights play online

When down to your last card, do not forget to press the last card button. During rounds, the order can be reversed through specially played action cards. In the corner of the screen, you will see a direction arrow. This indicates the direction in which players must take their turn.

There are many game websites that allow you to play this fun card game for free. Many times these sites will also allow chat during the game so you can talk to the people you are playing with. Playing Crazy Eights online is very similar to playing with real cards. The only difference is that you click your mouse as opposed to holding your cards.