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Play Sudoku Domino online for free

Sudoku Domino: a classic number puzzle game

Sudoku Domino is a classic number puzzle game. The game is a variation from the popular Japanese game called Sudoku. Sudoku Domino differs from the normal Sudoku game, since the game presents players with number tiles that need to be arranged. Playing Sudoku online free increases strategic moves that enable players to control any domino game. Playing Sudoku online allows players to compete against other players with equal winning chances. Sudoku Domino uses a 9 by 9 grid divided into 3 by 3 blocks of 81 fields. When playing Sudoku Domino, players cannot repeat the numbers 1 to 9 in any column, row or block.

Skills and Physics Required in the Game Sudoku


Sudoku Domino is an thinking game that demands a lot of skills and fast thinking from players, since each invalid move causes a player to lose a life. The game will automatically end if a player makes three invalid moves, thus losing the game.

play sudoku

Players should consider all the possible moves before playing, since players cannot retract tiles after placing them on the board. Each tile used to play Sudoku must be placed at the right box, since each Sudoku game has a solution. Any wrong move makes it impossible to solve the game. For players to play Sudoku online free and win, they must collect maximum points by positioning tiles correctly and completing rows and columns with the best possible combinations.

Each Sudoku Domino player is presented with two joker options (4 greys and 2 golden) for support in case they cannot position any more tiles. The grey joker helps players to reserve Sudoku boxes for other moves, but does not give any points. The golden joker helps in filling the spaces and the game awards players’ marks for completing a row or column; however, the joker has no value so players cannot collect maximum points with this move. To have advantage players should use higher value tiles to maximize points scored.