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A fast-paced, intuitive game

Jetrip, as the name might suggest, is a fun and challenging variation of one of the most popular and well known action puzzle games. The purpose of the game is simple and straightforward: On a wide and deep "well" of sorts, blocks of various shapes fall in random order. The player can rotate and move them, but cannot stop their fall. When these blocks connect with other blocks and form a straight, contiguous row, this row of blocks disappears. The more rows of blocks that are formed when a single block falls into place, the more score is awarded.

A variation on a classic action puzzle


Though basically a puzzle, Jetrip is heavily action-oriented, since as the play progresses, more lines of blocks have to be created and thus removed. In addition, the speed of the falling blocks is increased, making reaction time and playing speed a key factor in winning. There is an added score bonus for completing levels with lower stacks of blocks remaining. The lower the blocks are, the higher the bonus awarded, represented by photos of the various cities where each level is taking place and can be seen on the background graphics.

play Jetrip

To make matters even more difficult, there is a limited amount of time to complete each level, as well as a bonus score for earlier completion. When the five available levels are cleared, a bonus level is presented, with blocks randomly occupying almost half of your playing screen in order to make the effort of the player quite challenging.

The rules of Jetrip are simple: rotate and move the falling blocks to create rows, no matter what color or shape the blocks are. A completed row disappears, leaving more space. When all required rows have been cleared, the game advances to the next, harder level. Probably the best way to play is via the keyboard, either with the cursor keys or W-A-S-D keys, controlling the rotation and movement of the falling block. The spacebar can be used to make a block fall instantly and save precious time.