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Play 8-Ball Pool online for free

Online action gives real feel of the game

Playing pool is something that many people enjoy doing. When there is no pool table available, playing 8-ball pool online is one way to get the same excitement that the game brings when playing live. The rules of online 8-ball pool are really quite simple. After the break, the first person to sink either a solid or a stripe determines which player must pot which type of ball. The player must then try to pot all of their type of ball in the pockets. Once all of their pool balls are in the pocket, they must then try to sink the eight ball. When playing an online pool game, a person will need to be fast as well as accurate. This is because there is a time limit involved for your shot attempt. Pool is a basic math/physics game and a person will need to quickly calculate angles in order to make their shots. The online 8-ball pool game continues until one of the players successfully sinks all of the stripes or solid balls and pots the 8-ball in the pocket that they aimed for.

Playing the online game


When playing online pool, there are indicators that aid in making a shot.

play 8-ball-pool

There is a grid that shows you the power of your shot and a ball that indicates the spin that you wish to put on the cue ball. There is a spot that indicates which of your balls you have already sunk as well.

One other advantage of playing online is the fact that there is a ghost ball with a line indicator to help you envision where the cue ball is going to end up. You control the power and the angle of the ball with your mouse, the space bar and cursor keys give you control of your pool cue.